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What we do

At QaiWare, we combine cutting-edge technical skills with a distinctive business and industry insight in order to provide our clients with the most tailored solution for their needs.

We take pride in our ability to analyze, design and develop products and solutions for the FinTech industry not only in the technical but also in the business context.

Our main focus and foremost area of expertise is the development of PSP Platforms, including Merchant & Admin Centers, Hosted Payment Pages, Gateway Software.

This special combination of skill and context makes QaiWare a reliable partner for the delivery of experienced solutions in the financial technology sector.

How we do it

We strongly believe that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. We do our best to keep it simple. We strive to be lean, to be efficient, to be trusted. QaiWare doesn't waste your time - we get directly to the point, asking the right questions at the right time. It's only natural that our top priority is always to deliver - with precision and on time.


UX/UI Design




About Us

Our company is based in Sofia with a team of young, qualified and devoted specialists performing. Our mission is to always meet our customers’ needs and requirements accurately and on time. Our team is committed to earn the trust of our partners. We believe that knowledge, capabilities and experience really count, when they are based on the solid foundation of mutual trust. We will be proud to get the chance of building that foundation with you.

Our clients

Who we are proud to do business with:


Christian Braun

Vice President of Engineering / PAYMILL GmbH

"Working with QaiWare, we found a partner who is responsive to our individual development requirements for specific areas and delivers the appropriate solutions both according to our specifications and their own expertise."

Kilian Thalhammer

Consultant & Business Angel in the FinTech space

"While working together, the team at QaiWare always exhibited a professional and result-oriented attitude. Resolving matters together was the order of the day. This made the joint projects simply fun to do."

Olivier Mackovic

Co-Founder & CPO / reBuy reCommerce GmbH

"QaiWare helped us tremendously in the development of our sales systems. With their experience, we managed to implement the project successfully."


Currently we are exclusively looking for QA Automation Engineer. To see the detailed offer please click here.

We are also looking for Java Developer. To see the detailed offer please click here.

QaiWare Ltd. is constantly looking for quality, when it comes to our work force. It's our obligation to deliver best possible work environment, including appropriate payment. In return we demand devotion and eagerness to learn and explore.

If you have an interest in joining us, please don't hesitate to send us your CV on jobs@qaiware.com.

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