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Creating Fintech Products

Our mission is to enable companies to undergo digital transformation by offering the payment solutions they require. Through the integration of a robust product mindset with extensive technological expertise, we bridge the gap in our customers product development.

We excel at managing complex technical and regulatory challenges, particularly in areas such as E- commerce payments, and have established ourselves as experts in constructing real-time transaction processing systems. By orchestrating various third-party services through unified APIs with excellent developer usability, we consistently deliver outstanding features while maintaining low bug ratios.

Products We Have Created

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

For a Large Acquiring Bank


tokenization vault

Tokenization Vault

For an Automotive Manufacturer


payment orchestration

Payment Orchestration

For a Automotive Manufacturer


Services & Capabilities

Whether it's product development, scaling, or modernization, we frequently utilize a variety of services throughout the journey from the drawing board to product rollout. Leveraging these services together results in excellent product delivery, with minimal room for error.

api design

API Design & Development

architecture modernization

Architecture Modernisation & Migration

product design _ dev

Product Design & Development

qa automation

QA Automation

iac _ cloudification

IaC & Cloudification

product delivery _ transformation

Product Delivery Transformation

Engagement Models

We offer our customers the flexibility to work with us on their terms, empowering them to shape our business relationship.

We strongly believe in this approach because the ability to choose the best path forward from the client's perspective improves communication, accelerates team onboarding, and enhances long-term productivity.

Integrated Teams

Cross-functional teams act as an extension of intermediate and senior developers and testers.

Our specialists become part of your team, working exclusively on your project. This creates:

Maximum Flexibility
Relevant solution
Rapid start

Autonomous Teams

Our cross-functional teams, consisting of senior technology, product, and delivery experts, excel in delivering requirements with minimal managerial overhead.

Additionally, our specialists are capable of autonomous delivery, ensuring efficient and streamlined project execution.

Clear and measurable commitments
Reduced managerial overhead
Precise estimations


Our team of highly experienced Solutions, Software, and Delivery Architects can deliver tangible results through consulting workshops while remaining vendor-agnostic.

Our specialists engage with you in technical workshops, ensuring that you can:

Mitigates delivery risks
Improves cost planning
Provides the most relevant architecture

Why Us

Flexible Engagement

> Rapid start
> Firefighting
> Flexible working & billing models
> Flexible off-boarding models

Teams of

> Senior technology experts
> Cross-functional teams
> Product mindset
> Result-oriented & proactive

Business Value &

> Balance between feature development and technical debt
> Modular, e2e tested source code
> Modular, cloud-ready solution
and software architecture
> QA Automation Suite