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The customer was facing the challenge of designing and implementing a Payment Gateway with all its complex parts in terms of integration interfaces, backoffice tools, and internal company integrations, as well as a large number of external value-added service integrations. Qaiware delivered all of the requirements and established an excellent relationship with the client, becoming not only a software development provider but a trusted advisor as well. The project’s timeline exceeded 5 years and was a commercial success for the client. Ultimately, the key to this successful cooperation was the people. Having a team in which all engineers and managers have not only the necessary dedication but also the payment’s domain knowledge enabled us to deliver everything the client needed and more.


Building a new, tailor-made Payment Gateway and fit into the company’s strategic view for growth both in the SME and Key Account merchants market via a single solution.


> Designing the solution’s flows and interfaces so they fit the business cases of both SME and KA customers
> Establishing stable and reliable software delivery for the project
> Including better features with a special focus on the Travel and Hospitality industry needs
> Building a robust and scalable payment platform


  • Unified API
    • What we did > We aggregated a large number of third-party payment services into a single interface by suggesting an API design that balanced integration effort and the complex logic on the orchestration platform itself.
    • The value > Offering a balanced API design led to the sustainability of the solution working in multiple regions with a many different third parties.
  • Smart routing logic and maintenance
    • What we did > The Qaiware team designed and implemented a smart routing switch, leveraging the platform’s own tokenization and 3D Secure server instance alongside third-party services in case of regional compliance rules or conversion-based metrics. Based on a simple configuration rather than a complex rule engine, the smart routing switch achieved this without having any impact on the system performance.
    • The value > We were able to reduce costs, achieve compliance using particular services based on regional specifics, and achieve a unified user experience.
  • Performance and scalability
    • What we did > A microservice architecture was chosen for the platform from the very beginning of the project, which enabled Qaiware to easily suggest and implement a performant solution that fits the client’s business needs. Via carefully time-boxed research, the team suggested а number of improvements addressing performance and technical debt in general. Among these was the introduction of the CQRS pattern and improvements to the data model.
    • The value > After implementing the solution the system witnessed a significant performance boost.
  • Agile way of work
    • What we did > Qaiware organised its autonomous agile delivery process which had to interface with the client’s complex business environment in order to collect requirements and feedback, as well as to efficiently drive the software through UAT and towards a productive environment. To do this, the delivery team of the company suggested a set of scheduled events with the participation of only their relevant stakeholders. Among the events were refinement meetings, steerco meetings, regular status updates, and roadmap revision events.
    • The value > Having a well-defined interface with the Client organisation did not stand in the way of the agile process, but successfully made it easier to address issues on time.


  • Each team member was familiar with the payments domain, card payment specifics, as well as the PCI standard. This enabled us to provide reliable delivery to the client, meeting all deadlines and milestones on time.
  • Qaiware provided two fully staffed teams and a Delivery Manager to organise the software delivery

Duration & Volume

20 FTEs for more than 50 months


> Microservice architecture
> Java
> Spring Boot
> JavaScript
> Kafka
> SQL Database
> NoSQL Database


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