Payment Solutions

We help our customers replace an existing white-label solution with a proprietary one, as

well as update, customize and upgrade different components of their

payment infrastructure.

End-to-End Solution
We create entire payment platforms and gateways from idea to support.

We combine cutting-edge technical skills with a distinctive business knowledge and industry insight in order to provide our clients with the most tailored solution for their needs.
Custom Solution
Replace, consolidate or customize a component of your payment infrastructure.

We specialize in the development and support of all payment related software components, such as Merchant Centers, Onboarding and Admin Tools, etc. Whatever your need is, we will make sure you get the right solution fast.

Our Services

Technical Concept and Architecture

We provide you with the most important strategic decision about the structure of the software components and their relationships over time.

Requirement Analysis

We help determine user expectations for your new or modified product, making the requirements quantifiable, relevant and detailed.

Technical Specification

We help you define a set of requirements that your product or assembly must meet or exceed.

Security Concept

We introduce the security concepts at each stage of the development cycle and make all responsible staff understand the real value to apply them.

UI/UX Design

Features draw people to your product. Details are what keep them there. Our goal is to make sure your customers have an excellent user experience.

Business Analysis

We strive to understand what exactly business stakeholders want, what the product should look like, how it needs to function, and how to clearly deliver these requirements to programmers.

Architecture Development

We help you design systems with consideration for the user, the system (the IT infrastructure), and the business goals.

Agile Project Management

We have embraced agile project management is an iterative approach to managing software development projects, focusing on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

Quality Assurance

We always aim for the highest automation coverage, without neglecting the human factor and manual test scenarios.

Continuous Delivery

We always use the fastest route from business requirements to feature availability in production.
Release faster, improve code quality, reduce risk of failure and recover quicker.


Maintaining a system is just as important as the application development. It is vital to make sure that your business is always taking advantage of the very best that your software has to provide and that it matches the business demands of the time.

Documentation and Training

No matter how brilliantly planned project may be, you still need everybody to be on the same page, and that’s where technical documentation comes into play. It helps matters work smoothly in the short term, and provides stability and coordination in the long run.