Payments Consulting

Is your payment project at risk?
Wondering how to modernize your payment platform?
Are you able to meet the challenges of global payment processing?

 We help you make the right decisions for your payment project, trough a tailored approach in line with your business requirements.

Payments Workshop

In-person workshops led by QaiWare CEO and Solutions Architect Emilian Stoilkov, with a single goal: “to understand your payment related challenges and address them in the most customized manner, ensuring scalability, optimum performance and the best alignment with your business demands.” 

What will you gain?

As your organization’s challenges will vary on subject matter and scope, the content of the workshop is adaptable to your needs and specific business cases. No matter the case, we make sure to always provide you with an extensive overview of:

Domain trends and insights

Domain challenges and risks

Best practices in payment projects

Strategic regulatory advice

Who is it for?

The workshop is best suited for anyone within a large enterprise, who is responsible for payment projects and digital transformation. Whether you are a project or department executive, a project manager or a software architect, this workshop is designed for you!

About Emilian

Emilian is one of the Founders and current CEO of QaiWare, as well as our lead payment solutions architect.

His professional background includes working for German companies in the retail banking hardware, software, and services industries.

Emilian Stoilkov CEO Qaiware

  Workshop Details

Price 2,900 EUR
(Travel expenses included)

Location: ON SITE
Duration: FULL DAY

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