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Is demand outpacing your product feature delivery?
Are you wondering how to manage delivery with the resources at your disposal?
Is outsourcing development worth the risks?

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We can address your payment related challenges in the most customized manner.
We focus on scalability, optimum performance and the best alignment with your business demands.
We can assist you in your roadmap advancement.

What will you gain?

The content of the workshop is adaptable to your needs. No matter the business case, we make sure to always provide you with an overview of:

Domain trends and insights

Domain challenges and risks

Best practices in payment projects

Roadmap management


Who is it for?

The workshop is best suited for anyone within a large enterprise, who is responsible for payment projects and digital transformation. Whether you are a project or department executive, a project manager or a software architect, this workshop is designed for you!

Why Us?

QaiWare is amongst the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. Over the last decade, our teams have accumulated extensive domain and business knowledge. With more than 10 large projects delivered and 20 customers served, we know how to solve payment problems for all participants in the payments value chain. 

QaiWare is PCI DSS Certified and insured by Colonnade Insurance S.A

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Price: FREE
Location: ONLINE
Duration: 1 Hour

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