QaiWare presents a full range of payment and e-commerce solutions


QaiWare, a fast-growing software development company, is now offering a new range of solutions in the field of online payments and e-commerce.
The firm’s main focus is helping its customers replace existing white-label solutions with proprietary ones, as well as customizing and upgrading different components of their payment infrastructure.
QaiWare’s processes are always focused on quality, security and agility and its team of expert engineers and software architects utilizes cutting edge tech in the industry.
The team’s main ambition for the next few years is to become a leader in the development of payment systems.
A unique combination of payment expertise and industry knowledge enables us to deliver an unmatched level of customization.
The range of new solutions includes:
Payment solutions – creating entire payment platforms and gateways from the birth of an idea through its implementation to the underlying support.

E-commerce solution – Analyzing, picking and integrating the most relevant payment methods for your e-commerce business.

Technical Solutions – Custom software development in the field of payment and e-commerce.

Agile Solutions – Providing agile transformation and delivery, tailored to the organization’s needs.

If you are looking for advice on your business requirements, or if you are in need of a specification review, do not hesitate to get in touch!